Cardinal Kings

Main Stage – #TODD2022

The band is comprised of two core members who formed back in 2014, George & Jack Carder. The brothers who will be on show at festivals as a four piece have demonstrated their technical skills as musicians and songwriters. Playing on some of the bigger festivals in the Hertfordshire area including MerakiFest, Wilkestock, Todd in the Hole and Goatfest. Also venturing into London to play the 229 venue, Nambucca and feature at the O2 arenas Stonefree Festival. As for writing music their debut album ‘Telefones’ was nominated for Album of the Year on Transmission FM and their singles such as ‘Wait’, ‘Need to Love Again’ and ‘Consternation’ featured regularly on BBC Introducing.

The lads are indie heads. With over 20 songs released and 7 more on the way they range between Indie Rock to Pop. Jack who is the drummer and songwriter for the band described his feelings of growing up in The Cardinal Kings on The Big Sound Machine podcast – “We’ve been in the Band since we were 15 & 17, we’re still quite young only 22 & 24 and it’s been a massive part of our lives. To reject a lot of the normal experiences a 15 to 18 year old would have to solely focus on music was a big decision and one I am yet to regret”.

The new record set to be released in 2021 has the band re-energising their past sounds and focusing on big synths and hard guitar riffs with reflective lyrics.

Cardinal Kings
Cardinal Kings
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