The Stones are coming to Stevenage!

They’ve performed for royalty, multi-millionaires and celebrities all over the globe, from the top of a mountain in St Moritz to the top of Tower Bridge. And now, in less than two months’ time, they’ll be performing for the good people of Hertfordshire – right here, up close and personal, at the one and only Todd in the Hole Festival!

Yes, it’s actually happening and we couldn’t be more excited for our headline act – the Counterfeit Stones! In fact, we couldn’t resist catching up with band manager and lead singer Steve Elson, aka Nick Dagger this week, to hear about their history and 27 year journey to the day the ‘Stones Come to Stevenage’!

Tell us a bit about how and when the Counterfeit Stones formed

The band formed on 13 October 1991 in San Diego, USA. I had a mate involved in the Del Mar Grand Prix in the city. He was organising a bash for all the celebs and looking for an English rock band to play at the after party banquet. I’d played the guitar for 20 years and thought it would be fun to put a band together – thinking it would just be a one-off thing…

I’d met some of the guys on a 12 week Rock School course I’d been on and the others I knew already. We played at the event and after that it just took off! I had no idea we’d become a band, but we just spent more and more time playing together and it went from there.

What was that first year like for you?

We did 200 gigs in that first year! Everything from universities to corporate events… we earnt a good reputation. It was in the early days of tribute bands when there was mainly just us, Bjorn Again, the Bootleg Beatles and an Elvis impersonator.

Give us a little taste of your rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle

Since those early days we’ve done the weird and the wonderful! We’ve performed at Skanderborg Festival in Denmark in front of 65,000 people and alongside big names like Tom Jones and Joe Cocker. We’ve done a three week tour in Japan with the Bootleg Beatles… the Stones and the Beatles are so popular out there – we performed in the centre of Tokyo where they have memorabilia shops four storeys high! And we’ve done our smallest gig at the top of a mountain in St Moritz for a prince and 25 of the richest people in the world.

Any more really memorable experiences?

I’ve watched Led Zeppelin and Cream perform at the Royal Albert Hall and I always thought what a scary stage it looked to perform on. We’ve now performed there twice ourselves and the stage actually feels very small when you’re on it – not like looking at it from the audience!

Another really small gig was at the top of Tower Bridge for an American guy’s 60th birthday. Because the venue is basically just two long thin walkways (you might remember seeing it on The Apprentice) we didn’t think we could play there. In the end we got a special PA company in to line the walkways with speakers so people could hear us from one end, and then they sat and ate along the other walkway!


So what can our wonderful festival goers expect from you guys at Todd in the Hole?

People know they will get a joke and plenty of humour with us, but the music will be spot on too. They can expect the cheapest Stones festival gig they will see with all the big hits played in the right key at the right speed, just as people remember on the records!

Well, we think this sums it up just nicely. Basically, it’s going to be epic and you don’t want to miss out, so get your tickets online today and share #TheStonesarecomingtoStevenage far and wide!